General Information

General Information

Decree of the Government of the Tajik SSR from August 15, 1945 "On the establishment of the State Pedagogical Institute in teaching pedagogical training on the basis of the State Pedagogical Institute of the city of Kulob.The State Pedagogical Institute of Kulob by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tajikistan on July 24, 1992, under No.235, Kulob State University on April 24, 2009 in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan was named after Abuabulloh Rudaki.
The university has made a significant contribution to the training of scientific staff in education and the national economy for all regions of Tajikistan. Over 70 years of its activity, University prepared more than 35,000 highly qualified specialists.
The university library has auxiliary academic books, methodological, literary and 4 halls in total, books in total of 300 580 copies.The university has a dormitory for 300 people and a medical center with all necessary amenities. At the same time, the University has 2 gyms, 2 modern entertainment halls, 3 lecture halls and 4 meeting rooms. The university has in the suburb of Muminobod with camping and entertainment camp "Istiqlol".
Study at university campuses is conducted in Tajik, Russian and English languages. At the same time, there are opportunities for further education from existing specialties, continuing education on Maters and PhD.
At University there are centres of technology, information and communication, youth skills andlearning foreign languages, skills development and innovation. Students get lessons at classrooms provided with newest technology. Computers at University are connected with internet, which is available for all students for free.
The total number of scientific and teaching staff in the university is 527 people, including: 11 doctors, scientific professors and 87 candidates of science, 358 people who are graduates and associate professors.
Currently, the Department of International Relations cooperates with more than 50 universities of foreign countries, such as Russia, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy, England, USA, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Austria and Iran. Within the framework of 5 international projects, which are part of the University of Central Asia and Europe has successful corporation.


I. Physics and Mathematics

1. Physics-mathematics;
2. Physics. Labor Education;
3. Technology;
4. Mathematics;
5. Practical Mathematics;
6. Informatics;

II. Chemistry, Biology and Geography

1. Chemistry-Biology;
2. Chemistry-Ecology;
3. Biology-Ecology;
4. Tourism and Hospitality;
5. Biology (Biotechnology);
6. Geography;
7. Geography of Tourism and Travel Management;

III. Tajik Philology and Journalism

1. Tajik language and literature;
2. Journalism;
3. Linguistics and New Information Technology; 

IV. Russian Philology

1. Russian language and literature;
2. Russian language and literature and literature;

V. Foreign Philology

1. Foreign language (English);
2. Foreign language (English-Chinese);
3. Foreign language (English-German);

VI. History, Rights and International Relations

1. Historyand Rights;
2. History;
3. International Relations;

VII. Pedagogy

1. Preschool education. Additional specialization;
2. Practical Psychology;
3. Primary Education;
4. Primary education. Additional specialization;
5. Primary education. Music art;
6. Speech therapy;
7. Surdopedieology;
8. Oligophrenic-Pedagogy;
9. Detectology;
10. Library and bookkeeping 

VIII. Finance and Economics

1. Social Management (Education);
2. Marketing;
3. Local Authorities Management
4. Economics and management in the enterprise;
5. Investment Management;
6. Banking;
7. Accounting, analysis and auditing in budget and scientific institutions;
8. Finance and Credit;
9. The Economics of the World;
10. Taxes and taxation;

IX. Physical education and military training skills

1. Physical education;
2. Physical education. Military Defence Training;

The university has 24 departments and 51 specialities. The university has newspaper "AnvoriDonish" and the herald "PayomiDonishgohiDavlatii Kulob banomiAbuabdullohi Rudaki". The University was introduced to the Catalogue of International Universities from October 2009.

Address: 735360, Republic of Tajikistan, Kulob city, S. Safarov street, 16
Phone: (+992 33 22) 2-35-06