The sanatorium of the dispensary of the university conducts its activities in accordance with the plan and work program set on the basis of the order of the rector of Kulyab State University named after AbuabdullohRudaki. Sanatorium dispensary acts according to the instructions of the university rector and to improve the social status of students, teachers and employees in the economic part, the university support staff, residents of the city of Kulyab, disabled war veterans and labor carry out therapeutic measures.

Types of Treatments

1.   Heart deceases:

1. The muscle of the heart muscle as a result of rupture or other causes after 6-8 months:
2. Shear (rust) after 6-8 months:
3. Blood pressure in cases 1-2A:
4. Periodic edema of the feet (after the outbreak):
5.Weave the feet of the legs:

2.   Diseases of moving parts:

6. Arthritis and polartras that have been infected with infectious diseases have been associated with wounds, poisoning, and substitution of metabolism:
7. Injury of muscles and tissue muscles:
8. Bone injury after outbreak

3.   Nerves and spinal diseases

9. Nerves diseases (after infection, infections and poisoning):
10. Nervous weakness:
11. Aesthetocondroz, spondylosis:
13. Gradientmethod (the first cycle):
16. spinal injury:
17. injury of nerve cells:

4. Women's Amateur:

18. Injury of the uterus and other organs:
19. Menopause:
20. Barren level 1-2:
21. The result of injury of the sex glands:

5. Skin diseases:

22. Skin lesions, redness of the skin, pruritus:

Staff members


Medical therapist
Ibrohimov Saymahmud Saburovich
Phone:  988204552


Zinatbii Safarmad
Phone: 987833927 


Ikromova Sadafmo Boboevna
Phone: 989007068


Safarova Urozoy Boltaevna

Address: Kulyab, S.Safarov 16, KSU named after A.Rudaki, dormitory building №3, 1st floor.
Workphone: (+992) 988204552