Economics and Finance

General Information

     The Faculty of Finance and Economics of Kulyab State University named after Abuabdulloh Rudaki plays an important role in science and knowledge in the development of highly qualified personnel, depending on the national economy. The faculty was founded in August 1992 at the faculty of the Abu Abdulloh Rudaki State University. The order of the Rector of the University of April 6, 2014 No. 57 carried out economic, financial and economic reforms in two separate faculties. Taking into account the need to be implemented by the Rector of the University of January 16, 2018 No. 13 on changes in the structure of the university, the financial and economic, economic and management faculties were identified, the financial and economic faculty was named.
     Currently, the faculty employs 87 teachers (professors, doctors of science, associate professors, candidates of science, senior teachers and assistants). The total number of students at the faculty is 1,865. Of this number, 1,240 students are enrolled in full-time studies, 525 students in the correspondence department, 85 at the master’s level and 15 in the PhD program. Depending on the needs of modern standards of higher education and training plans are adapted to this position, moving to global standards of the public education system and the tripartite educational system (bachelor, master and doctoral). Training in full-time and part-time department of the faculty is conducted at the expense of the budget and the contractual system.
     Within the framework of the faculty meetings are held and the Academic Councils work on the basis of various faculties of educational, research and scientific, methodological, educational, foreign policy activities.
     The faculty is equipped with a modern audience with modern technologies (electronic boards and video projectors), a computer class connected to the Internet, and teachers hold lectures and seminars on the use of presentation tools and constantly search and download information from the Internet to students. Also for students and teachers at the university there is an electronic library with faculty e-books for the purpose of their use.
     Financial and economic faculties have favorable relations with education, education and science in the field of education, science and technology, as well as a mechanism for improving the cooperation space for the development of students' professional skills with business entities, accounting departments, banking and financial institutions of republican institutions.
     At the faculty Sharipov Z.S. (1992-1996), Kurbonaliev B. (1996-2003), Konkova A.A. (2003-2006), Rasulov N.S. (2006-2009, 2011-2013), Yunusov S.S. (2009-2010), Nazarov P. (2010-2011), Kuganov N. K. (2013-2014), Khakimov A. (Faculty of Restored Facilities and Control Centers 2014-2015), Safarov M. (Faculty of Economics and Management at 2015-2016), Farhudinov U. (Faculty of Reconstruction and Management of the Faculty of 2016-2017), Rasulova L. (Faculty of the Restored Faculty and Faculty of Management for 2017-2018), Mirsaidov M.N. (2014-2018 faculty and joint financial and economic faculty) dean. Currently, the dean of the Faculty of Economics is headed by A. Kachkuloev. The faculty has four departments working in 12 specialties. 

The faculty specializes in the following specialties:


Department works on specialities of“Accounting, Analysis and Auditing in Budget and Science Institutions - 1-25 01 08 03”, “Finance and Credit - 1-25 01 04” and “Banking Operations: 1-25 01 04 02 “," Taxes and taxation: 1-25 01 04 03 “," World Economy: 1-25 01 03 ".


Department works on Specializations "Social Management - 1-26 02 02 06", "Marketing-1-26 02 03" and "Local Authorities Management: 1-26 01 01 01", "Economics and Management in Enterprise: 1-25 01 07, "Economics and Management at КАС: 1-25 01 07 15", "Economics and Management in КХМ: 1-25 01 07 28".

 The faculty specializes in the following specialties:

1. "Accounting, analysis and auditing in budgetary and scientific institutions - 1-25 01 08 03";
2. Finance and Credit - 1-25 01 04 »;
3. Banking: 1-25 01 04 02 »;
4. "Taxes and Taxation: 1-25 01 04 03";
5. "World Economy: 1-25 01 03";
6. "Social Management - 1-26 02 02 06";
7. "Marketing-1-26 02 03";
8. «Local Authorities: 1-26 01 01 01»;
9. "Economics and Management in Enterprise: 1-25 01 07";
10. "Economics and Management in КАС: 1-25 01 07 15";
11. "Economics and Management in КХМ: 1-25 01 07 28".


Faculty staff

Качкулоев А

Dean:  Kajkulloev Abdukholiq Fathulloevich

Education: Higher

Phone: (+992 83322) 2-36-64, 988-01-96-66



Vice-dean for Academic Affairs: Hakimov Abdurazoq


Education: Higher

Phone: (+992)  987 66 70 67


Vice-dean for Academic Affairs: Bobokhonova Dilorom


Education: Higher degree 


Vice-dean for distance education: Teshaev Mirzosharif

Senior lecturer

Education: higher degree 

Phone: (+992) 918 29 38 30 

Тарбия.pngVice-dean for Education:  Kholmatov Bahrom

Education: Higher degree 

Phone: (+992) 918 17 58 99



Vice-dean for Education: Namozov Orzu

Senior lecturer 

Education: Higher degree 

Phone: (+992)  905 66 21 74


Faculty Regulator: Davlatova Rukhsora, 


Education: Higher degree

Phone: (+992)985 98 51 87





Mirsaidov M. N.

Candidate of Economic Sciences, dean, chairman.


Kuganov H. K.         

Senior lecturer, head of department


Komilov N. B.

Assistant of department of finance and banking, secretary.



AWARD to the faculty, for the first place in the cultural and entertainment events devoted to the celebration of the International Navruz Festival 


AWARD to the faculty professors, teachers and students of the faculty, for the active participation in the scientific-based conferences dedicated to "Youth of the Year".


AWARD is dedicated to the facultyfor the first place in the cultural and entertainment events dedicated to celebrating the International Navruz Festival - 2018 "

To the financial and economic faculty for the first place in the folk crafts exhibition, dedicated to the anniversary of the Year of Tourism and Folk Crafts. 

Address  t. Kulob, str. S.Safarov 16, KSU named after A. Rudaki, building №5
Work number: (+992 83322) 2-36-64